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Signs 4 You have gained many years of
experience in manufacturing scaffolding banners and have created the brand
TOUGH SCAFFOLD BANNERS™ we believe that we have the toughest scaffold banners around, by ensuring that every banner has a quality sealed hem and is eyeletted tightly by a pneumatic press, that you should have no problems with the pole pockets failing, which is the cause of banners being thrown away.

We currently use state of the art 1440dpi solvent printers to print onto a durable double sided block out material.  Using double sided block out for scaffold banners means there is no show through of the text or images from the opposite side.

Our Scaffolding banners are also tested by us on regular basis to ensure that you are supplied with a tough and durable product.

All banners produced are B1 Fire Rated.

Generally scaffold banners have 90cm x 90cm face and on top of that pole pockets & eyelets are also added for ease of fitting.

We can produce almost any size of banner but listed on the side is our most popular size.

If you have certain size you would like to use please call or email us for a quote and we would be happy to help or advise the best material and method of producing your banners, we also provide proofs prior to manufacture so that you can be rest assured that there will be no surprises.

Turnaround for most banners are 7 working days, but we are always aiming to beat this and will let you know of any changes or developments. 

Prices for standard banners 90x90cm
prices subject to vat & carriage
30 kg Tractor Trailer wheel fully suspended by one of our "TOUGH" Scaffold banners
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To order the "TOUGH" Scaffold banners please fill in the form opposite and we will be in touch to arrnage artwork & any questions you may have prior to production.
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